Friday, 2 January 2009

What actually IS Cognitive Fitness?

I guess that's a question that you're interested in or you wouldn't be reading the blog! What IS Cognitive Fitness? What does it mean either personally or professionally to BE 'cognitively fit'?

There are a number of places that you can go to to find the answer that's the right one for you - by which I mean finding an answer in your own words rather than simply using mine .........

I have 3 suggestions for you: the first is the Cognitive Fitness website where we have an article that explores what WE mean by it (and naturally of course other people will have their own definitions although you won't necessarily find them published anywhere!)

1) Click to be taken directly to the article

2) Click to go to the Cognitive Fitness special interest group and discussion forum on Linked-In. You will need to join Linked-In to access this group though.

It's completely free to join Linked-In (which is a professional networking site rather than a personal one like Facebook or Bebo). It's entirely up to you how much personal/professional information you want to share with people on your profile.

3) Take the FREE Cognitive Fitness Questionnaire which you will find at You will receive a FREE 8-page report and some suggestions for developing your cognitive fitness such as keeping a 'thought diary'.

I hope you find these suggestions helpful, for more up-to-the-minute information I suggest that you find me via the Linked-In site!

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