Wednesday, 30 October 2013

What IS Cognitive Fitness? - How our thinking has changed ......

Fifteen years ago we said that being ‘cognitively fit’ meant
"Being flexible enough to apply different thinking strategies and think in a variety of ways so that you can take a multi-perspective and balanced approach to any situation or context"
We suggested then that because flexible thinking strategies are employed in this approach, subsequent behavioural flexibility is much easier to achieve. All of the above is still true! However, we've now simplified the definition of Cognitive Fitness to;
"Thinking in the right ways at the right times"
Much easier! And you'll notice the plural in there - I've deliberately said 'ways' as we constantly need to parallel process or even multiple process in order to be effective thinkers and achieve everything that we now need to do in a day. If you want to find out more about how to achieve
Flexibility, Agility and Strength
in your thinking in terms of your thinking strategies and becoming more cognitively fit, then have a look at the Resources page on the Cognitive Fitness website as that's where you will find a useful one-page pdf slide which encompasses it all!

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