Thursday, 14 November 2013

The Mental Game - Spine Race Training, Hebden Bridge November 2013

Have you heard of The Spine Race? It's billed as

Britain's Most Brutal Race.

It's an ultra, ultra marathon - 268 miles of gruelling 24/7 endurance racing up the full length of the UK's Pennine Way - in January! When I was in the Low Pennines last weekend for the training we had torrential rain, snow, ice and hail - all on the same day! Believe me, it gets a lot worse in January and a lot more brutal the further North you go!

I'm fortunate enough to be the psychologist on the support team. We have a Chief Medical Officer, the brilliant Dr Anna. Her team mainly deal with feet. As a psychologist, I mainly deal with heads. On the training I gave a presentation on The Mental Game It includes hints & tips and strategies for success as an ultra runner. You will find it on the Resources page of my Cognitive Fitness website.

Many of the strategies are as relevant to the world of work as they are to the world of ultra endurance sport - isn't that what work is sometimes? A long, hard slog? Have a look and see what you think, you might find something useful.

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